Collection: Peter Graham

Step into the vibrant world of Peter Graham ROI, a distinguished artist celebrated for his dynamic Modern Colourist style. With a flamboyant flair and meticulous brushwork, Graham's compositions burst with vivid contrasts and bold tones, captivating viewers with his unique approach to painting.

Peter Graham, born in 1959, is a prominent artist renowned for his distinctive Modern Colourist style. Graduating from the Glasgow School of Art in 1980, Graham's talent earned him Full Membership of The Royal Institute of Oil Painters in 2000. His work, often associated with the Modern Scottish School, exudes a flamboyant elegance characterised by detailed brushwork and fluid strokes. Featured in esteemed exhibitions like the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and the Society of Marine Artists, Graham's artistry has garnered international acclaim. With collections housed in prestigious institutions such as The British Council and NanYang Academy of Fine Arts Singapore, Graham continues to explore his fascination with colour and atmosphere. Working 'en plein air' in the beauty of the Mediterranean, Graham's intuitive approach to painting captures the essence of his subjects with effortless grace.