Collection: Hiroyuki Izutsu

Hiroyuki Izutsu, a Tokyo-based artist born in 1955, is celebrated for his captivating illustrations that centre around themes of 'human', 'landscape', and 'flower'. In 1998, he was honoured with the prestigious 'Kodansha Publishing Culture' award, and he currently imparts his expertise as a member of the Tokyo Illustrators Society and as an illustration instructor at AOYAMA-JUKU.


Renowned Tokyo-based artist Hiroyuki Izutsu, born in 1955, is acclaimed for his evocative illustrations showcasing the beauty of 'human', 'landscape', and 'flower' motifs. A recipient of the esteemed 'Kodansha Publishing Culture' award in 1998, Izutsu also contributes to the Tokyo Illustrators Society and shares his mastery as an illustration teacher at AOYAMA-JUKU.