Collection: Faye Bridgwater

Award winning artist, Faye Bridgwater spends most of her days looking up at the sky and out to sea. Having grown up in Watford, she then studied for her degree in Sculpture in the industrial city of Sheffield. She now lives in the stimulating and fun city of Brighton and Hove. Every day, she enjoys observing the ever-changing weather over the horizon, hearing the sounds of the seagulls and the pebbles tumbling in the waves. Now a contemporary landscape artist, her work is influenced by the Sussex coastline, with its tall, white, bold cliffs, and the graceful, elegant rolling hills of the South Downs; together inspiring her joyful abstract compositions. Faye’s paintings capture those fleeting and dramatic moments of light, playful movement and thrilling feelings. She makes marks using objects she finds on the beach; from fisherman's knots and driftwood to feathers and bottle tops. These tactile objects are used as tools, to make brushes or pens to print and scratch energetically into the paintings. Together with the loose, bold layers of paint, adding detail with impulsive pencil structured lines, the techniques produce expressive textured and flowing seascapes and landscape. The paintings are familiar and timeless and conjure distant, comforting memories.