Collection: Cristina Rodriguez

Cristina Rodriguez (b. 1964) is a Colombian artist. Her work reflects her richly varied and multicultural life. Her paintings are each unique, born of a thought, a book, an observation, a feeling, a film or a moment of beauty found in everyday life.

She studied Fine Arts at the University of Los Andes in Bogotá before beginning to exhibit her work at the Alzate Avendaño Foundation. 

'When we die, we leave only the traces of love or the traces of destruction which we have created. It is entirely up to us what traces we leave. My paintings are full of love, and they will keep on giving love, long after I die. My paintings are my traces of love, they are my gift to those who come after me. A gift of love, a gift of beauty, a gift of wonder, a gift of joy, a gift of poetry, a gift of hope.'