Artist Spotlight: T.S. Harris

Artist Spotlight: T.S. Harris

Artist Spotlight: T.S. Harris 

T.S. Harris is an American artist, renowned for their artwork depicting nostalgic figures. Having grown up with two professional artists as parents, Harris was immersed in creativity from a young age. She started by displaying her works in her family's gallery, eventually expanding to various other locations. Today, her distinct artistic style is widely acknowledged. Currently, T.S. Harris lives and works in San Luis, Obispo.

T.S. Harris has exhibited at several galleries and museums across the US. Furthermore, her unique artistic style was showcased in the 2013 film ‘The Face of Love’. The co-producer of the film recalls visiting hundreds of galleries before discovering T.S. Harris' individualistic artwork, which perfectly matched the film’s vision.

“The exciting challenge is to keep the paintings relevant and current even though the subjects come from another era.” - T.S. Harris 

Many of Harris’s pieces ‘speak to the central issues of human existence- desire and loss, impermanence and beauty’. As a result, Harris’s artwork successfully speaks to the wider audience. 

“Film is an artistic medium that is fascinating to me.”

Skidmore Contemporary Art | Interview with T.S. Harris | 2017 

Inspired by film stills during the 1950s and 60s, T.S. Harris’s artwork is timeless. The California film industry, especially its mid-century fashion, has significantly influenced this artist's inspiration and work. Much of Harris's artwork draws on the 'old Hollywood glamour' and other distinct styles of that era. 

During an interview with Skidmore Contemporary Art, T.S. Harris speaks about figurative work. While Harris incorporates human figures into her artwork, the underlying message remains ambiguous. This is further emphasised by removing the circumstances of these figures from her artwork. This figurative narrative leaves her artwork open to interpretation, allowing  every viewer to feel a sense of inclusion. 

“Harris's ability to blend past with present encourages viewers to relate to her works.”

Mirabelle Alan | Skidmore Contemporary Art

Whilst Harris creates unique artwork, blending mid-century figures within a modern environment, her artwork successfully highlights universal themes. The concealed nature of her figures encourages us to picture ourselves within her artwork. 

T.S. Harris has created three limited edition prints, specially for Bridgeman Editions. These exclusive prints, ‘Sunlight, 2017’, ‘Summer Holiday, 2019’ and ‘Diving Board Tea for Two, 2015’ are available framed and unframed. 

To discover more about T.S. Harris's collection, click here. For more detail about her creative process, visit our 'Artist’s Note' blog page here.

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