A Note From T S Harris

A Note From T S Harris

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1. What inspired you to create this collection?
They were inspired by imagery from the mid-century. The paintings often contrast authentic moments captured by everyday people in snapshots from long forgotten vacations to the manufactured images made popular through postcards, advertising, movies, etc., reminding us of our own transient nature and soon to be forgotten summers.

2. Does your practice respond to any specific themes?
Yes, the body of work responds to themes of impermanence and beauty, love and loss, our connection to others through the past and present. 

3. What mediums did you use to create this work?
I work with oils on either canvas or wood panels.

4. Who are your biggest artistic influences?
Richard Diebenkorn and Edward Hopper.

5. How do you find new inspiration?
Inspiration is all around me all the time. I can be inspired by a day at the beach, watching an old movie or looking through old photographs.

T S Harris has created three limited edition prints, specially for Bridgeman Editions. These exclusive prints, ‘Sunlight, 2017’, ‘Summer Holiday, 2019’ and ‘Diving Board Tea for Two, 2015’ are available framed and unframed.

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Summer Holiday, 2019 - Harris, Painting, T. S., T.S. Harris - Bridgeman Editions by  Bridgeman Editions

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