Bridgeman Edition's first timed drop!

Bridgeman Edition's first timed drop!

We are excited to announce Bridgeman Edition’s first limited edition timed drop showcasing artwork by NFT artist, Osinachi. The 33-year-old artist, though currently based in Lagos, grew up in Aba, a city in southern Nigeria. In 2014 he graduated from the University of Nigeria with a degree in Library and Information Science. Osinachi's exclusive limited edition print, entitled 'Pool day II - portrait of an artist, 2021', will only be available to buy from the 29.2.24 until the 5.3.24. After the 5.3.24 this artwork will no longer be available to buy so make sure you claim your print today!

Osinachi's exciting visual artwork is created using Microsoft Word. Prior to becoming an artist, Osinachi hoped to write. It was through writing that Osinachi began to experiment with Word, later creating art through his media. 

In 2017, Osinachi discovered that he could sell his work as NFTs through blockchain, to which he credits much of his success. In 2021,Osinachi made headlines for selling $75,000 worth of NFTs in just 10 days. That same year, he became the first African crypto-artist to sell work through Christie's auction house in Europe, after displaying his work in an exhibition held in London’s Somerset House.

“Sometimes I see myself as someone who is just sort of walking through the streets of the internet, looking for things to infuse into my work” - A quote from Osinachi following his exhibition in Christies. 

His work, as written on his website, “not only reflect his own identity and experiences,” but also serve as a “statement on existence as a protest against the stereotypes and prejudices that often plague the African continent and diaspora.”

In addition to the limited edition timed print on offer, Bridgeman Editions will also be offering a second limited edition print entitled, 'MAN IN A POOL I (2021)'. Both prints are a part of Osinachi’s collection of 5 NFTs called 'Different Shades of Water'. Both of these pieces take inspiration from David Hockney’s Portrait of an Artist, ‘Pool with Two Figures’ (c.1972).

Discover more about Osinachi's work and keep up to date with regular posts on our social media platforms. 

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