Artist Spotlight: Christian Furr

Artist Spotlight: Christian Furr

Christian Furr (b. 1966, Merseyside, UK) is a renowned portrait artist celebrated for his masterful use of traditional oil paints, creating timeless works of art.

Furr’s work has been exhibited in international institutions such as the National Portrait Gallery and the Francis Kyle Gallery. Today, Christian Furr’s iconic style is recognisable for combining traditional oil painting techniques with contemporary themes.

I Saw the Truth - Free as a Bird, 2014 -  by  Bridgeman Editions


In 1995 he became the youngest artist, at age 28, to officially paint the late Queen Elizabeth II. Furr was personally selected from a shortlist of artists by Queen Elizabeth II for his unique approach. . Reflecting on the moment he first received the call from The Royal Over-Seas League, Furr recalls being completely stunned by the unexpected opportunity. Furr captured the Queen’s stoicism in the famed portrait, highlighting her strong willed character. His paintings have been admired by several members of the Royal Family, who have praised his accuracy in capturing the Queen's features. Furthermore, the late Duke of Edinburgh was later presented with a print of the portrait in 2010. 



“Regarding portraits, I believe in conjuring a likeness that 'physically and morally predicts the subject's entire future'. A portrait should represent the subjects' past/present and future. I am interested in the concept of ‘block time eternalism’.”

 - Christian Furr reflects during an interview with Bridgeman Images | 2022

Christian Furr continues to exhibit at renowned galleries, showcasing his ongoing interest in finding new contemporary subjects, themes and inspiration. His collection currently resides within The National Portrait Gallery, Royal Society of Portrait Painters and in the private collection at the Vatican. Over thirty years after his first public commission, he was recently commissioned to paint a new work for the Dorchester collection, which was unveiled in 2023. 


Battenberg Pink Yellow, 2024 -  by  Bridgeman Editions

Bridgeman Editions is delighted to be working with Christian Furr, featuring a collection of his fine art prints. Furr’s prints, ‘I Saw the Truth - Free as a Bird’ (2014), ‘Battenberg Yellow Pink’ (2024) and ‘Battenberg Pink Yellow’ (2024), are available to purchase via our website framed or unframed. 

To discover more about Christian Furr's collection, click here. For more detail about his creative process, visit our 'Artist’s Note' blog page here.

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